HIGHLIGHTS: U6. Tools and machines.

Sing Simple Machines

Simple or complex?

And simple explanations.

Machines in Motion

And a little more real.

And forces to understand how they work.

Some tools voc.

Some tools voc.

You may play physically ( memory, domino...)
You may play physically ( memory, domino...)

or online. Just, let´s play!

The link looks like that.

The link looks like that.

Pulley Experiment

In our age of complicated machinery, it’s easy to forget that even the most complicated mechanics are just a large set of simple machines. We use complicated machines for parts of our lives and too often push through tasks when a little bit of ingenuity would make the task much easier. Pulleys can be used to make various types of elevators, or in converting flywheels to useful energy as in an old-fashioned mill. This simple pulley experiment is a great hands-on simple machine for kids to help kids understand how pulleys work to make things easier! This fun pulley experiments will be done by making simple machines with household items!

Experiment time!

Find and build your ideal STEM Project!

Tools and machines history.

Let´s find out!

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